Flyer with warning


Hoping someone can help. I’m not new to Zwift, but I haven’t completed alot of group rides. This morning I was a late join to a ride and I was watching the group leaders send messages and I thought I was following mid pack or near the front. I didn’t realise the orange messages were direct messages to me and then I got told I was flying off the front, but my view and what I could see had me sitting mid pack.

Have I got a bug somewhere? do I need to check a setting? is it my internet or clock setting on my computer? I wasn’t trying to be a flyer, I got reported and it seemed I was annoying alot of people, but I was completely unaware until it was too late.

I am very nervous to ride in another group ride if this happens, I certainly had alot of -ve ‘feedback’ and messages passed on.

Any advice or help, would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Interesting. If this was a larger group ride I think you should take a few ‘pictures’ of the situation (especially ones with the direct/orange messages appearing) which show you to be mid-pack whilst being told you are flying off the front. Then you should post these on the FB page of the group with which you are riding and ask them what you should be doing differently since, as you stated, from your perspective it seems like you’re ‘following the rules’.

Looking at the screenshot on your activity, you were perfect. Middle of the pack, slightly ahead of the leader, well behind the fence doing 2.0 w/kg.

What system/device do you use for Zwift, have you applied the update from Thursday?

Thanks, I will do that if it happens again with screen shots etc. I was hoping there might be a trick or tip that I need to do or be mindful of to make sure it doesn’t actually happen. Thanks.

Thanks Mike, exactly, that was what I could see, mid pack, staying under 2w/kg on the downhills etc, my power seemed to be reading correctly, I will check the update but I think it is the most up to date version. V1.056270. I use my laptop connected to the internet with a protected active usb cable and dongle close to the wahoo kickr. I have had a few issues with dropouts hence the protected active cable.

I have ridden a few group rides and not had an issue, hopefully this was a one off, but I am very conscious of this and hoping it won’t happen again.

Thanks for your comments.