Riding through the buildings. Is this a short cut?

I completed a ride yesterday when my rider doesnt stick to the roads, but instead rides directly through buildings and underground.

I am also not seeing any other riders in the game, which was disappointing trying to join a meetup.

This has only happened since the last Neokyo update.

Congratulations on the innovative shortcut! That may have just been a glitch.

But the lack of other riders is due to your Zwift client app not being able to talk with Zwift’s servers. That’s almost certainly down to a problem at your end, e.g. wifi dropout, router problem, your ISP having a glitch. That shouldn’t have caused your shortcut though, since Zwift can follow a route perfectly well with no internet connection whatsoever (you just need one at the start to join the world, and again at the end to save).

Seems that the lack of riders was due to a VPN setting. Just hoping I can stick to the roads now.



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