Help - I'm NOT having problems with my Zwift set up and feeling left out


I’ve been using Zwift since 2015 as a beta… I started on a wheel on trainer on a cheap laptop.
I’ve now moved house to the UK Countryside with crappy broadband of only an average of 6 mbs.
I have an Elite Drivo one set up with a refurb pc from amazon which has a SSD. I use a 24 inch, probably not HD, monitor and have my ant+ dongle on an extension lead next to the bike.
I also have my phone with me running Zwift Companion App to give ride ons and message.
I’ve built my own rocker plate which is great.


Im feeling left out of the Zwift Community as I don’t have connection issues or failing ant+

I’ve tried everything I can think of, but zwift is still working.

I just don’t know what to do. :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Have you tried randomly unplugging your router mid ride to simulate drop outs???:wink:

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Dump your left over water on your dongle at the end of each ride, thats how the pros do it.


Switch your PC for a laptop.

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I’m in the same boat. To feel included, I think you should just pretend you have these problems and try to spread some negativity where you can. It’s newer cool to feel left out.

I’m in Vlads corner. Dedicated desktop using Ant+

I’ve had an extension lead die on me (caused by sweat ingress) but other than that totally trouble free.
There are many common denominators in people who have issues. Most seem to be around Apple and Bluetooth.

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Tis a breath of fresh air to read your lack of troubles. I’ve Had a few drop outs, but honestly, Zwift awesome :clap:

6 mbs?!? You’re lucky! I’m on 2 mbs, my better half is having a video conference and it still works. Bummer! :woozy_face:

This is so easy to fix. Just do Stage 2 of the Tour of Watopia.


You need a little bit of patience, eventually there will be an app update that will allow you to join the whining community. Have faith, it will happen.

In the meantime, you have so many other things you can complain about - I mean, tricycles for April 1st???!!?!!

I would suggest finding an old microwave form the 80s and boiling water in it next to your trainer as you ride.

Stage 2 completed for me. No issues other than my legs failing.

2 Mbps? Luxury! I’m still running a US Robotics modem from the mid-90s and lucky when I can negotiate a 14.4 kbps connection.

My Zwift window is the size of a postage stamp running at 0.1 fps.


What do you mean, you can’t run Zwift on a VT100 terminal? ASCII graphics mode needed! (Actually not a bad idea for April Fool’s next year…)

Low-level stuff running quite reliably here as well (as long as I don’t try using Zwift on a Mac again), it’s the physics model doing unexpected things and higher-level stuff acting up at random that annoys me. Well, that, and something like the incorrect Tacx dumb trainer power curves getting released to the users and what that tells about their dev/QA process.

Lucky ■■■■■■■! I‘m zwifting on my son‘s Bobbycar placed on my rollers. The data is tranferred via cb radio morse code which results in a 14 minute delay. I don‘t have a display so I have to imagine what‘s going on in Zwift. And it still works! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::partying_face:

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