Disappearing riders [March 2024] [1.59]

Anyone else lose all other riders during the first Zwift games ride. Happened 3 times to me during the loop de loop at 10:00 GMT.
Zwift support reckoned it was my connection but I’m not buying that.

You can see from the photos one minute they there then gone. Drop out was for 2-3 mins or so. Lost maybe 8-15 places


Usually that is what happens when you disconnect from the internet server.
If it didn’t reconnect before you stopped the ride, then you wont get credit for the ride.

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Thanks for the response. This is what Zwift are saying and have provided info (which I’m yet to fully absorb) to minimise it happening. However I didn’t get kicked from the race and finished 31st :grinning: but the other riders dropped out 3 times and I lost some places (which may have happened anyways). Also didn’t drop out of the companion app either.

Their response which I didn’t agree with, has been very speedy tho’ so happy on that front.

I had this yesterday as well.

My internet connection was stable, as I was als doing other things on the internet, which demanded a stable connection. And I didn’t receive the internet connection error on Zwift.

This article may help…Nearby Zwifters Disappearing from the Screen – A Story of Zwift Troubleshooting | Zwift Insider

Hi @Jason_Massey1 welcome to Zwift Forums! I appreciate the screenshots attached and the time you took to contact Zwift Support. I’m pleased to read that my colleagues were on top of this scenario and I value your willingness to try their recommendations.

@R_onald I’m sorry to read that you experienced the same even though your internet connection was stable, you may like to contact us at support@zwift.com to get a one-on-one Zwift Support.