Zwift consistently not automatically uploading to Strava

I’m doing the free trial and 2 of my 4 rides have not automatically uploaded to Strava. I already know about the file download “work around”. When I upload the file manually it doesn’t sync up with my Strava as well. A “work around” is not a good solution. I want to sign up for a paid account but I’m not going to until this gets sorted out.

Hey Tom!

You’ll typically see this happening if you get a high number of delay/latency or disconnection from the Internet while saving a ride. While riding It’s hard to see any network fluctuation as your game will allow you to continue to ride.

For more information on how to prevent this, see our KB article on partial rides, “My Ride Didn’t Upload: Partial Save, Malformed Fit Files​​.​”

If your issue still persists, contact our Community Support team with your log files, so we can investigate this with you further.

Ride On!