Progress tour for all 2020

Today I finished the first stage. (stage 1 group ride: shorter ride)
I finished the group ride; but I don’t see any progress on the tour for all overview.
I don’t see that I have rode the first ride.

Is this a bug?

My ride:


Same is happening with my friend account. We ran stage 1, 3 hours ago, he got the activity saved but not progress in the tour!

This morning the overview shows that I rode the first stage.
Maybe some delay in the update of the overview?

Same thing happened to me.

Can any one, please, describe how can i confirm that I am enrolled and than how do we see any progress achieved?


Hello, you say the overview shows that you rode the first stage.

How long did it take to show?

Can you please help me find that screen / message?

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The Tour details can be found here

You should also see the progress on the start screen of the companions app (make sure it is up to date.)

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Download the Zwift Companion app, Daniel. Your activities and tour progress are shown there.
I did stage 1 ride on Monday and it’s marked as a run. Have just completed the shorter stage 1 ride and companion is still not showing stage 1 ride as being completed.

I am having the same problem.
These last 2 weeks, this problem happen to me.

Rides shown in Strava and, however level progress, xp, drop, badges all are not saved.

Today I did tour for all stage 1, however when check in Zwift Companion later, it’s shown that I have not done it.

Come on Zwift, fixed this problem. What’s the point of gamification, if we keep losing our hard earn achievements ?!

Ok, people! I did something here and it solved it for me.

I don’t know if it was a coincidence, but here it goes:

  1. Open the Zwift Companion App;
  2. On the initial screen it should apear the Tour for All progression bar with the 5 flower-like progression icons, bellow it it should apear Events;
  3. Tap on the bluish Tour for All bar with the progression icons;
  4. It should apear a screen with a button for you to Register;
  5. Tap on that button;
  6. You should be now registered;
  7. Go back or shutdown and reestart the app;
  8. It should show that Stage 1 is now completed!

Please, let us know if this worked for you!


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