TDZ stage 7 no recorded ride

Similar situation here after complete stage 8 twice. All data is missing

I just finished Stage 8 (London) and I instantly received the email about finishing stage 8 - but the ride doesn’t appear in Zwift and hasn’t synced to Strava.

The same here… Something we can do?

Complain and send emails because there is no much more do b done. I downloaded the activity for my garmin account and that’s it.

Same thing here. rode stage 7 on saturday morning, lost wattage with 217 meters to go (can’t tell you how frustrating that was) … when I finally got it working (15 minutes later) I finished. I can see in activity and it pushed to strava but no check mark for stage 7. ending up reriding on sunday morning and the stage complete checkmark showed up.

Update: I contacted Zwift support explaining what happened and within a few hours they acknowledged some people had issues and credited me with the badge. All good!

Yes, if it’s your first time they do it straightaway after a couple of emails, if it’s the second time plus a race that isnt credit on Zwift, takes a while.

I’m still waiting for the credits.

Got my badge for stage 4 today. Took two weeks after my mail. No need for the makeup ride now for me.
Just miss the drops for the ride.

Greets Pepper