Tour de zwift stage 7


I finished stage 7 of the tour today (18:00 MEZ). I rode over the finish line, got the results shown, clicked on “stay here” and rode a workout. But now it seems that my results for stage 7 are not taken into account. Is this fixable or do I have to ride stage 7 again?

Likely not, in my case I didn’t see the credit until I completed my next event which happened to be Hare and Hound this morning so about 17 hours after I finish TdZ.

This is likely why you are not seeing credit. Adding on the additional workout will cause issues at Zwift when you save and exit. I’m sure they can give you credit for it, right @shooj?

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Hi @Robert_Breu

What Mike suggested appears to be correct. I see that you did ride the Harrogate Circuit for longer than the duration of Stage 7, so I manually gave you credit.

FYI, that rides recorded as the 2 Hour Endurance workout, instead of TDZ Stage 7. In many cases, we can manually give you credit when we can see you’ve done them. However, there are cases when we can’t manually override.

Best practice is to save & exit once you see the completion banner so you properly get credit.

Ride On!


I kinda got the same issue one year later :slight_smile: I did stage 7, yesterday 09:03 CET, after 6k I realized i hade to change bike, and when I did, I could not see the rest of the zwifters. I finished the stage, but did not get the stage credited. Do I have to ride the stage again, or is this fixable? :slight_smile:

Same deal with me. After riding stage 7 yesterday, I went on to do an “FTP builder” ride after the stage 7 ride yesterday afternoon (around 2pm US eastern time on 1/7/21) and am only seeing the that 2nd “FTP Builder” ride labelled correctly. My stage 7 ride was incorrectly labelled “FTP Test (shorter)”, I did the FTP test on Saturday afternoon, the day before. Can you help @shooj? Please advise.

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