Stage 4A on Tour-de-Zwift make-up date still marked as Incomplete (it was actually done and shown done elsewhere)

For some reason on recent Tour de Zwift event the last stage I completed (Stage 4A on last make-up day) still shown as Incomplete on Tour de Zwift 2022 - Zwift page (it shows 8 out of 9 bar and no thumb up on block with that Stage 4A). I contacted Zwift Support, but no response yet from them. Anyone experienced anything like this and have advise? Appreciate any response! That stage (4A) shown as complete with results and stuff everywhere else - e.g. Zwift Companion app,, Strava - it was exported there upon completion.

Problem was resolved today. Thanks to Zwift support team! Apparently it was some kind of glitch in data display.