L'Etape 2020 - iOS crash

I will send log file. By the way answers to questions

  1. NO
  2. NO


Thanks for coming back and have sent the files.

In answer to your questions:

  1. No

  2. Not at those times, but during the race yes. I would think that that the crash out at the beginning was just the classic volume piece. I know the mass start issue was supposed to have been fixed, but just feel you don’t need 6000 people in the same event. Staggering the start and allowing people to choose whilst giving them a great experience is the key. For the real “racers”; they have people to chase down…which they love.

Thanks Shuji, Logs sent in.
I got an automates reply from the Support address so they have also been sent to logs@zwift.com


I had the same issue, rode it this morning and crashed at 11km mark, then second time i rode i crossed the finish line and it crashed, I also have the email stating completed but don’t have the kit

I was running on Ipad and nothing else running at the time,
No power up was used at either time

I will send over Log files as per instructions

Log files sent

Yep, same here. Pretty disappointing to make a max effort to the top of telegraph tower just now and it crashes as I begin the descent.

Happened right after I took a screen shot

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I had exactly the same issue on Sat at 5.00pm.

Zwift crashed just after start but resumed on request when prompted after restarting. It closed again on the finish line. All race information was lost but recorded as same route albeit as normal Watopia session. Again following resume prompt I was in Watopia but my race had completed. No record or goodies!!

Recorded under L’Etape in Zwiftpower but possibly incomplete.

Exported to Strava

On Ipad, nothing else running, no powerups.

Log files submitted.

Same issue here, gave up after multiple attempts at restarting / rejoining. Log files sent hoping to try again later this evening…

I tried 8 times to start yesterday but gave up. Kept crashing when entered etape stage, didn’t even get to turn a pedal. I gave up in the end and rode in NYC without problem. Currently reinstalling Zwift on iPad and plan to try again at 5pm today. Zwift support on Twitter said ‘could be due to number of riders’.

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Just checked log files but lost them all when I removed and reinstalled. Will send later if same problem persists. I also wonder if it’s the hardware as running an older iPad Mac mini with iOS 12.something (most up to date on device).

Edit: tried twice at 17:00 and crashed twice. Log files sent!

Same thing for me too!
Like you was really looking forward to it.
Have lost confidence in Zwift as not first time in one of the big events!
I’m running IOS too.
Have Zwift not realised that if going to push these events they need to have the capacity. I’m a long term user. Had planned my day round the 1200 GMT 4th July event. Had to ride round Richmond instead as tried 3 x to rejoin. Signed up via the Companion app as previously advised and got into the pen early too.

Meant to say Zwift dumped me out at the very beginning of the event just as we started. There were plenty of others stuck in the pen when I tried to rejoin!

Mine crashed on an in app photo as well. First time I’ve used it, so iOS asked for permission to access my photos.

I think iOS is the problem I rode it twice on Saturday on my iPad mini and both times it crashed going through the finish (women only ride). Did it again today on my Mac laptop no problems. Still haven’t received my dotty sock I unlocked on the first ride

I ran on an iPad and as I was in the start pen, I unplugged my HDMI connector from the Lightning connector and plugged the power directly into the iPad, to conserve battery. Action froze. I exited the app, re-entered the app, rejoined the event, and still had my position in the start pen, and completed the event without problem.

I did notice that only a block of riders around me was rendered when I was in the start pen. I assume this was to limit resource use. During the ride, I had no issues.

Zwift pushes a lot of the computational burden onto the client machine (in contrast to RGT where more is done on the server). I’m guessing this creates challenges when there’s so many renderable objects.

I had the similar problems weeks before, twice actually and all my stars gained at the previous stages of training were lost. The crushes were quite identical and unusual on the iOS platform:

  1. the screen froze;
  2. the background music continued;
  3. the resistance were not lost;
  4. What ever I did to my iPad mini 2019 seemed ineffective, I had to hold the power button like one minute or two, the screen then darkened quite slowly; with another one minute pressing the power button, my iPad mini finally rebooted;
  5. the crash could be detected by the software but some wired thing happened…

Join me and let’s fly high.

I noticed the crashes happened when the battery was low, so my further solution is to keep it charged with at least 80% full, that keeps me and my iPad mini fine till now.

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Same happened to me! I think by now you’ve received enough logs, but if you want I can try to retreive them.

The first few times that it crashed, I was using an ‘old’ iPad. So I switched to iPhone XR - which can then not be the cause of the problem in hard- or software sense. Last time I joined again, I got to the same screen as Phil4280_Feng. Then re-started manually (no crash, let’s say) and started cycling in Watopia, but couldn’t return to the event/race.

An additional question: I am using a Tacx Flux T2900, which is supposedly able to simulate up until 10%. During most of my rides on the Tacx I am doing trainings based on Watts, so no need to take into consideration the gradient. For the Tour de France event that should surely be different! However: no real experience of the increased uphill gradient… Kept at 6% max, and no matter how many Watts I put in, still the same pace per hour.

Edit: so what happened when I was still participating in the TdF event, is that everyone cycled past me! Not cool :frowning:

Evening All

I was in lap two close to the peak and then the Zwift App crashed on my ipad.

I was really riding hard which just totally flipped me out of doing the stage again with all these posts its likely it will crash again!

Really really frustrating!!