Crash of computer during activity

Last day i was doing ride activity and just 1km before finish of loop laptop has crashed.
In Zwift app i can see my activity, well without ~1km, but last part don’t matter for me. I wish to be able add this previous part and just forget about rest, i will do loop again.

When I enter activity in:

  • android app i see “Activity details could no be loaded.” - i can edit privacy settings in there and name of activity. I can see some basic details on list of activities also in activity i see some base details about it.
  • web browser, also show this activity, but i can’t get into it it’s just keep loading. I see some details of it on list of activities
  • on PC (windows 10) application i see on calendar that there was this activity done

I have search for “fit” file and i did found it, but have no clue what to do with it, how i can upload it manually.
I have made some short activity (3km) hoping it will sync that one also, but this didn’t work. Short one is correct.

Can you advice any steps what i can do more?

You can’t upload the fit file to Zwift.

There’s Nothing you can doto fix it.