Race results posted but Activity Details could not be loaded


I completed a race - 3R Greater London Flat Race - 1 Lap on Monday 25th March at 17:10.

I completed it however the Activity Detail was and has not uploaded for me to see it. Zwift Companion shows my race result time, distance, watts, elevation, calories position, but states Activity details could not be loaded. and as probably one of my best rides, is even more frustrating. Is there anyway this can be reloaded or retrieved?

There are many reasons why a ride might not upload; such as internet connection issues, an outdated game client, and more. If you submit a support ticket to us, we’ll be able to view your information and dig for the root of the problem.

You might have your ride saved locally on your device, or on your Zwift dashboard. Here are instructions on how to manually upload .fit files to your third party connections (such as Strava).

I hope this helps.

Ride On!