Zwift duathlon league bike leg not showing in ZPower

I completed the 14.00hrs Zwift Duathlon League bike leg - results shows on WTRL website + in Zwift companion but not in Zwift Power, could you please take a look? The run leg appears in Zwift Power.

14:00hrs - got a timezone that relates to?

Better yet, if you could provide the event ID (the 6/7 digit number in the url, I could zero in on the event. Cheers

EDIT: (IGNORE - found the event and am looking)

thanks, it’s UK

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1824042 thanks again

Righto - you appear in the Live tab in the non-finishers section (with a big bunch of others). Non-finishers are the non-shaded list of riders at the bottom of the listing.

Dont panic though - contact Race Control as they will have your data and likely have your correct race position. if you dont have trhe Race Control email address, use the contact page at

many thanks Dean

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apologies… I was also wondering whether the results will eventually appear in my ZPower profile as a finished event?

I dont know the answer. Up until last week, all race data seemed to be based on live data. WTRL boys used fit file data they got from Zwift separately. Now the races seem to be configured as group rides but the data appears to be based on fit files (which is good). But then we have broad bunches of folks like you finishing events but ZP not recognising!

Sorry for the bleat - so back to the question: if it doesnt change in the next say 24hrs, then I would doubt it will change.

okay, thanks for getting back to me again, appreciated

It won’t show up in ZP which sucks. It will stay stuck in LIVE forever. I have tickets open with Zwift and Zwiftpower support on this exact thing as it happened to me last week and this week for the duathlon Bike leg. WTRL assures me it is random and happening all over the place but it seems to me it’s something about this event as none of my other events do this.

I would like my data to be used to calculate my overall rating / FTP / power numbers etc.

If you go to any of the events, click on LIVE, you will see this is happening to a bunch of people.

Best we can do is reach out to Zwift support and hopefully they can figure out how to convert these LIVE data entries to Finished events. The first couple of events worked fine for me and I did not do anything differently.

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