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I’ve been enjoying my first race series while participating in the Duathlon League. Early on I took note that my actual position when the time expired didn’t at all match the posted race results. I chalked it up to a formula I wasn’t aware of.
Last night, I pushed harder than ever and managed to secure 4th position when the time expired. I lead the nights avg w/kg at 4.9, 2nd avg power at 341w, 2nd @ 20min and 5min power and 1st in the others.

When I check the results today I’m at position 34…

Same issue in the run portion. I finished 21st on screen at the time expiration but positioned 32nd in the results.

What am I missing here? Does the on screen position during a race have nothing to do with the race result?

Is it because I’m not using a heartrate monitor? (Only noticed its required after race 3 so I figured what’s the use at this point).

Check with Race Control - last week they werent using ZP data due to reliability issues.

EDIT: WTRL events seem to leave everyone using live data instead of Fit files. Zwiftpower team have been looking at this since January and I havent seen it addressed yet.

What is Race Control and how do I go about checking with them?

WTRL who organise the racing. Web address is www.wtrl.racing - should be links to contact them on that page. They are pretty quick at getting back to people.

Thanks Dean

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