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Hi. I just completed the Zwift Duathlon run race and its got me flagged as ZP? I am runing with a garmin footpod on a treadmill and hrm. Can you please advise as this is a run race and no “virtual power” involved. This has me DQ’d for a reason which doesn’t make sense?

Zwift Duathlon Sreries Opt 5 Run race

Send an email to with event id and your Zwiftpower ID (or url to profile). Bad things seem to be going on with Zwiftpower data at the moment and Martin @ WTRL just posted in another thread regarding issues which are also impacting the Zwift Duathlon League:

Shall do Dean, looks like 80% of the field got DQ’s with ZP, looking like a complete balls up at this point.


A great pity, as I’ve actually enjoyed doing the first 2 weeks. Lack of quality results takes away a lot of the appeal unfortunately.