DQ Zwift Duathlon League | WTRL - Opt 3 Run

I completed the Opt 3 Bike with no issue. But had a heck of a time getting Zwift to let me back in the game for the Run portion. Pressing A got me to the pair screen so I could switch to run after the bike. But I couldn’t get to the Run event, even though I was registered. So I restarted Zwift (2x, it wasn’t responding at first restart), and got into the event with seconds until start, not realizing my HRM wasn’t paired as I ran the race (it showed as paired in the pairing screen before dropping me into the event).

So I got the HR disqualification in ZP, totally bummed. I can’t just re-do the run, because the bike/run has to be done in the paired option. And after pushing both bike and run today, I don’t have it in me to repeat both within the next few hours, My legs are shot.

I’m a mid-pack bike/run athlete, so its not like I’m losing out on a podium here. But I’m disappointed because my first race of a 6 race series is ruined, and will effect the rest of my standings for the series.

Clearly I finished the event, that’s documented in my Zwift activity feed. But the only data I have that my heart rate was elevated to racing levels is the screen shot I’m including from my Garmin Connect daily summary. You can see the Bike (B) spike, the transition valley, then the Run ® spike at the time of day corresponding to the events times.

The event ID# is at the tail end of this link to results: https://zwiftpower.com/events.php?zid=1747212

Is there anyway I can have my race DQ resolved, or am I out of luck and stuck with it?

Emailed WTRL, they were quick to respond, and the situation has been resolved. I want to thank WTRL for helping me work through it.