Missing HR data

Hi. I completed the CeramicSpeed Race this evening but the HR data didn’t show and so I got DQ’d. I’ve got the HR on my Garmin which I can share to prove the result, which is consistent with my recent ZRL races too. Can I submit an appeal anywhere?

You could try zwiftpower@zwift.com and include the event and your Zwiftpower ID along with detailed request/proof etc.

Hello, I have been competing in the C class SweatFest race series for a few years now, and this year I’m in my second winter/spring series (best 8/10 races scored).

Tonight I raced well , stayed under 3.2 w/kg, but was surprised to see DQ for HR. I don’t use or own a HR monitor and specifically look for races not requiring one. Did the race organizers add this qualifier recently? I’d like my results to count; there is no “requires HR monitor” statement in the race series rules shown for the events. Thanks, S.Mack.

Great series that one - I did the one that finished up before xmas.

I cant see that HR is a requirement (its normally listed on the ZP screen) but a few people have been DQ’ed for the same reason, so something has got confused somewhere! I checked a few other Sweatfest races and no HR DQ’s either so looks to be a one-off.

I’d get hold of the Sweatfest guys via the Contact form on their website (https://www.sweatfestracing.com/contact) or facebook (they are pretty active on the FB page) and see if they have the tools to fix - they may not. If you have no luck, use the zwiftpower@zwift.com email address and ask the ZP team to reset your results, which they should.

These are the rules that are stated in the Zwift event description:


All racers using zPower will be DQ’d
Heart rate monitors are compulsory for all categories
Riding outside your chosen category will result in a DQ.
You need to have a registered account with Zwiftpower.com and have accepted their terms and conditions to be in the results of the race.
Choosing a lower category than ZwiftPower says will result in an automatic DQ.

and I can find this on Zwiftpower:

ZwiftPower category overrides wkg
All riders must wear a HRM
5min and 20min CEVAZ limits apply
No ZPower riders

So it’s pretty clear to me…

OP said he had his HR on and he has evidence of this which is why he has potential grounds for getting his DQ reversed. Yes the event requires HRM - no-one is debating that.

Sweatfest series doesnt have HRM requirement so Stephen also has grounds for getting his DW reversed.