Get rid of HRM DQ for daily ZwiftPower races already, especially those with category enforcement

Can we get rid of the HRM requirement for everyday races on ZwiftPower? We all know HR is not a great indicator of how hard someone is working and really only allows you to compare performances for the same athlete. But for an everyday throwaway race like a random 3R race, nobody is going to go back and check whether someone’s HR was out of sorts in some weird way.

I’m complaining because my HRM was stupidly not connecting to Zwift the other day and I scrambled to get it working (even restarting Zwift) but wasn’t able to before a race started. So I’m HRM DQed on ZwiftPower. Which doesn’t matter, of course, but it’s annoying to have it on my profile and not be able to see how I stacked up exactly against the rest of the field (I didn’t podium, I just want to know whether I was 7th or 8th or whatever). There is no reason a throw away Saturday morning race with category enforcement needs to require me to wear a HRM. I wasn’t even close to my FTP for the race. This is a silly requirement at this point and not really helping with sandbagging in a meaningful way.

If you speak to the event organiser I am sure they would be happy to have your result reinstated.

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It’s unclear how one does that with 3R (are they an actual entity? or just a Zwift brand?) when the link they put in the race takes you to a domain squatter (

It’s probably time to just ignore zwiftpower anyways, now that category enforcement is in place, but I’m stuck in the old ways.

But this really shouldn’t generate work for someone. ZP just shouldn’t allow the HRM requirement anymore for anything outside of a WTRL or pro race.

@Marc_Swatton_R3R runs the 3R racing events.

The HR rule is set by the event organisers, they can turn it off or on as they choose.

You can contact 3R on Facebook - TEAM3R. Also via You can also contact me on here. A new website is in the works.

The HR DQ has been debated before, the outcome was more people wanted the HR DQ on than off. In most cases a request to remove an individuals DQ for no HR is approved. You can view the unfiltered result in the tab next to results on Zwiftpower.

If you would like the HR DQ reviewed for your race just comment below with a link to the result on Zwiftpower.


Check Unfiltered if you want to know your finish position.