All riders must wear an HRM

I have tried to find an answer to this.

This will be my 3rd full winter on Zwift but today was my first real race and I wore an HRM as stated on the race description in ZP

When I look at the results there are at least two riders without an HR against their name and on looking at their previous results one has never had an HR figure against any race even though the ZP description requires one.

Which is the correct requirement for racing in Zwift now - is it mandatory to have an HRM or not. I have seen there are issues with Apple TV, is this still correct and if I didn’t wear one would I be DQ’d as a result?

Thanks in advance.

possibly they were wearing one and opted to have their data private. not sure without seeing the profile, but i will let the guy have his privacy so i wont ask either.

So it can be hidden in a profile but ZP will still pick it up for races results?

i’m not sure how it appears to race organisers, like whether they can see it or not, but i think it is recorded and stored on the server. truth be told i think the privacy options on zwiftpower are kind of a mess in general

at the very least, the guys you’re seeing are probably wearing one, unless there is a glitch i’m not aware of

OK thanks for replying. I was just curious as I read that HR against your name meant you weren’t wearing one and then saw missing HR data in the results yet the result stood.

As I said it was my first official race and I am never going to be winning one but like everybody still keen to see how I have done and couldn’t quite understand the contradiction Vis a vie rules and results.

They don’t enforce it, like that don’t enforce sandbagging, here is an example of both ZwiftPower - Login

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I believe the latest race you are referring to is run under these rules:

Please note: For your results to show up in ZwiftPower, you must use a heart rate monitor (HRM) and be riding on a smart trainer, smart bike, or using a power meter.

You have found, I think, three riders in ZwiftPower results showing this pattern against their name/results:

This basically means they have set their weight, age and HR to private in ZwiftPower. These three did have a HR recorded during the race which you can verify by looking at the Companion App Race Results.

You will also notice from the CA race results that around 6 riders did not have HR but they do not appear in the ZP results, as per the race rules.

In this particular race you can race without a HR however there will be a few Club run races where a HR is required to get into the pen.

Yes, you can set your HR private. AFAIK it is the only one privacy setting on ZP.

How does this work for sauce then, does it also block it out there?

Thanks Milan. I did wonder why it was a prerequisite and then saw hr data missing for some people and not the majority.

Thanks Ian.

Sauce I’m guessing would still show hr data for riders as its only zwiftpower that the data is hidden

The same riders also don’t show weight, height or age in zwiftpower. Just curious, is there a way for race organizers to know that silly values (esp height, like 100cm) aren’t being used?

zp has an automatic “HEIGHT+” dq tag but don’t know what the conditions are. but you can set your age to whatever and it doesn’t matter though @Bath_Salts unless you are riding zhr masters events i doubt it matters anyway

weight can be roughly worked out with mental math whether it’s hidden or not


@S_A_Cestria_CC i am not old man ? yes you are right about the master races, i cant really do them.

Like this user that has 26 races and this is their stats