No heart rate enforcement on Zwift Games

So after 2 Companion reportings of a rider (2 weeks ago) AND filling out the Zwift reporting form AND contacting one of the race organisers of the Zwift Games via Companion, there are still multiple women in the GC (importantly including one in the top 10) with absolutely no heart rate data on any race. It’s against the rules. Makes the whole thing feel pretty pointless. Half debating trying to improve one of my times on the Climb race, but in view of the above, not sure I can muster any more effort.

Where are you looking for HR data? ZwiftPower has an opt-in setting to share HR data, so people can ride with HRM but you can’t see it. But if that’s the case then then you would see the average HR for that rider in the results on the Companion app.

Well I can’t locate their Companion races as private. I don’t see why HR should be private. That seems ridiculous. But I don’t see how I can go back over old results on Companion. So, I guess that’s that.

Zwift clearly decided to allow racers, if they so wish, to keep their HR private on ZwiftPower as mentioned by Paul.

When you look at the ZP results if you see the broken heart sign, where a HR reading should be, you know that the racer was wearing a HR monitor and Zwift has that information available to check if the need arises.

Please rest assured that if a HR is required in the race then without one the racer will not/should not appear in the Results tab. All those without HR will appear in the Unfiltered tab.

It can be frustrating if you wish to prove that the racer you were up against was in fact wearing a HR monitor. As Paul suggested the average HR of the rider for the race is shown in the ZC results.

Frustrating if the rider has a private account - in which case you need to access the results from somebody else in the same race who has a public profile.

Find the Rider you are really looking for in the race results and you will see confirmation a HR monitor is being worn.

Example of what you are probably looking for:

ZwiftPower Result

Companion App result

zhq do not use a strict ruleset where people are obligated to do anything more than the bare minimum with regards to transparency in any of their events, by design. pretty much any community event out there is likely a better option for you if you care about that kind of stuff

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Thanks for this Ian, It seems a bizarre thing to keep private. I may try and check it, or just let it go for now. I just don’t understand the lack of transparency with such things. Its not like HR is embarrassing or anything!!

SA, thanks too. Yep, I do care a lot about rules and fairness. I’m probably a bit OCD in that respect. I have done road stuff, but hate the cold!!!
Thanks again guys:)