Zwift dont apply their own rules?

Some people without hr, monitoring remain winners/keep placings in races even though " All riders must wear a HRM"
Like this dude Alex MOULIN. Cant paste link.

If you look at Zwiftpower - not showing HR doesn’t mean they wear no HRM - but they set it not to be public. You can set it in your ZP profile.


I find that odd that people share power data but not HR. People how do that are sus

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Milan is right, but as an aside, you’re talking about events put on by Zwift, but in many other events put on by community organizers, the data would be inspected by the race organizer, reviewed on Strava, reports of suspicious riders reviewed, etc. A rider like that sharing no data would be likely to get DQ. If you want that level of assurance then you need to race events not put on by Zwift where race integrity is taken more seriously.

I know some of them - training for races IRL and don’t want the opponents to follow their training and know all data.

A bit weird, but now I know. Thnx