Hello fellow Zwifters. I have some questions about Neokyo Nights League?

Why do some people show up on the leaderboard when they didn’t use a heart rate monitor?
According to the event description, under Zwift Power, “Please Note: For your results to show up in Zwift Power, you must use a heart rate monitor (HRM), etc.,”
I always make sure I use mine and it works so that I am following the rules and shows how very hard I was pedalling :sweat_smile: :crazy_face:

Thanks very much,

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Some people have privacy settings that make their results show up looking similar to no-HRM riders. If there’s a green lightning bolt next to their average power number, while other riders have a blue lightning bolt (ie, FIT files have been processed but certain riders still show “live” power data) that might be the reason. Looking at the Unfiltered tab for some of those events, it looks like some riders are getting the HR DQ code.

Thanks Paul but POWER and HR are two different things :slight_smile:

Also this person’s Zwift profile - never wore a HRM on all the races.

It has nothing to do with power vs HR - it’s the privacy settings they choose for their ride or not opting into HR sharing on ZwiftPower. I don’t know which event you are talking about but the ones I checked randomly are correctly disqualifying riders without a HRM.

If you are seeing this in someone’s ZwiftPower results


It generally means they wore a HR monitor but they have not given permission for ZP to display their heart rates in ZP results. You can check by looking in your ZCA race results to see they have an average HR for the race.

Those without HR are removed from ZP results with an HR code.

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