Races no loading to Zwift Power

Hello everyone

I’m kind of new here. Could someone please help with with why my Flat is Fast and
Scotland races are not loading Zwift Power, but my Tour de Zwift did.

I only see HR in the rankings.

I hope you can see the picture I tried to send.


They are loaded as your screenshot shows - just that you got disqualified for not wearing a heart rate monitor, which is a requirement listed in the event description.

Event Description (Not Event Rules!) says

Please note: for your results to show up in ZwiftPower you must use a heartrate monitor (HRM) and be riding on a smart trainer, smart bike, or using a power meter.

Seems odd to me that Zwift has introduced Hardware requirements facility but actually doesn’t use them in their own monthly race series ?

Thank you very much.

So if I buy and wear a heart rate monitor I see that says it works on Zwift, I’ll see my results just like I saw in the tour?

Certainly will. As a rule, all races will require a HRM (not all) but most group rides (like TdZ), won’t.

Note that even with an HR disqualification, you can view your event data when viewing the event results - in the Filtered tab you will see your performance metrics, and Live tab will give you a view of where you would have finished if you hadn’t received the DQ.

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Thanks so much

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