Can anyone help me understand why I’ve been disqualified?

I’ve just completed the British cycling race in women’s A category and I don’t understand why I’ve been disqualified?

Disqualified where? On the Zwift results or from ZwiftPower? What setup are you using for a trainer, HR, etc? Some races require HR and other criteria to be eligible.

Just checked, your result is ‘ZP’ signifying no power meter. Most races will disqualify racers on Zpower.

Edit: this was from an older race, sorry. The above still applies though.

I was 1k from the end of the race and it just disqualified me. I’m not listed in the results nor zwift power but the activity is on my companion and Strava. It didn’t state he monitors were needed so don’t understand. I’ll try and upload the activity

Oh it didn’t say anything on the British cycling event so didn’t think it would be a problem. Don’t know how to upload the activity but I guess you can see it on zwift power anyway. Worked my ■■■■ off solid and I was in the right category so just annoyed

Ah, if you were disqualified by Zwift actually during the race it’s because the power numbers you are putting out are deemed to be wildly inaccurate. The previous race I checked shows you’re not using a power meter or smart trainer, so it’ll be that.

Right ok, well I’ve got a smart trainer arriving in a few weeks so I guess I’ll just have to do it again :slight_smile:

For reference, I’ve found it now and your power numbers were world pro level.

I’ve got an elite smart trainer on order. If I use this and a heart rate monitor, will this be enough to ensure I’m not disqualified?

Btw, I wear a garmin vivoactive 3 and my hr hit 181bpm… I just don’t know how to link that to zwift.

Which Elite model? But in general yes, a power meter (or one within a smart trainer) and HRM will be fine. I believe you can broadcast heart rate from your Vivoactive to Zwift, but only over ANT+.

If you have ANT+ on what ever device you run zwift on here are the instructions for HR broadcasting on ANT+
Step 4 ignore and just pair on zwift.

Don’t be too disheartened with your power numbers on the smart trainer.

Elite suito, and just ordered an ant+ dongle for the laptop so hope that works

Thanks for your help! I’m really enjoying zwift, was just a bit gutted when I was disqualified but it’s ok, because I get to do it again (not that I’m ridiculously competitive or anything!!)

You’ll be fine. :slight_smile:

if you had a power meter and then moved from zpower. would this allow me to keep the same trainer i have, i haven’t been disqualified yet, but i can imagine it will happen soon, like Rachel. New bikes on teh way, and im tossing up the idea of stealth install of a crank power meter.

@darren_fernandez1 You can Install power meter and use old trainer. Your power data sent from the crank to zwift will be accurate and you won’t be targeted for dodgy numbers.


Thanks. Seems like a great idea, I really don’t trust the power I get from my elite novo force trainer. It won’t let me do much over 600 Watts at high sprints either :frowning: