Disqualifications any effect?

Hi, starting to use zwiftpower now and trying to get involved in more races. However at the moment I don’t have a HR monitor so if the race calls for these I end up DQ, does this have any effect on my score? I don’t want to stop these races as I’m using them to try and improve my fitness and now having to race in B I know I won’t get close to the podium but I’m just trying to hang on and improve my fitness

you dont need a hr strap but not having one will, as you have found out, dq you from the race, you just wont show in the race results and wont gain any ranking points is all, nothing stopping you from racing and using it for fitness if you are not interested in results

Thanks that’s what I thought. Wouldn’t mind trying to improve my ranking but I’m more interested in improving my own fitness rather than comparing myself to others. As long as I still get my data in ZP then it will do for now

If you can get a HRM however, you should, and not for racing but for the data it can provide you on all your rides and races. HR is a great metric to measure for training. You can get them fairly inexpensively too, the one I’ve been using for a few years was only $25 and has worked just fine. You don’t need a fancy $80 HRM like the big name brand ones.

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