Heart Rate Monitor and Height Data in ZwiftPower

I use an older Polar RC3 GPS/HRM in all my activities and methodically capture the Heart Rate data metrics on my rides/races. However, as this data is not being shared DIRECTLY with Zwift in real-time, it appears that I’m not wearing a HR monitor. As a consequence, my ZwiftPower metrics do not include the Heart Rate metrics, and this disqualifies me from many event standings. I have all the HRM files for each ride. Is there a method by which I can submit my HRM files at the end of my events such that I can have this data displayed/recognized by ZwiftPower? I am able to get HRM data into Training Peaks in this manner with no problem.

Also, my height is NOT displayed in ZwiftPower. Yes, I’ve ticked the consent box. And I’ve researched the site for existing answer(s) to this inquiry. These issues do not seem to be addressed. TIA for your help.

The below is my HR data for the Fondo (C) yesterday…

ZP doesnt allow for manual uploads, only activity refreshes of your non ZP events from Zwift.

That doesn’t seem correct, as I recall recently one or more athletes were suspended for alterations of ride metrics…

Any idea about the height issue???

They were DQ’ed for dicking with their fit file(s). Nothing to do with uploading to ZP/Zwift. Yes, you can upload a 2nd fit file to ZP for power analysis / verification purposes but does nothing to your event data.

Odd re: height. If you have done a Refresh Profile from within ZP and given it 24hrs, I’d drop an email to zwiftpower@zwift.com and they should be able to correct for you.

Thanks @Dean … that raises the tantalizing possibility then that I could upload a HRM file (or combine a FIT and HRM file into one?) to ZP for “power analysis / verification purposes” so that I meet the requirements for certain races. I don’t care whether my metrics are made public or not, I just want ZP to NOT disqualify me for NOT wearing a HR monitor, when, in fact, I am.

As to the height issue, I’ll do as you suggest and see what transpires. It’s not changed much recently! LOL…

I dont think it will work as its a post-event analysis tool by which time you will have been dq’ed. It may actually compare HR data however so worth a play at least to see what it does do. I have only ever seen people use it to compare say crank PM’s versus smart trainer PM.