Yet again riders with no HR

Yet again 5 riders with NO HR in race how hard is it to the server is kick rider out with no HR

Easy server goes no HR on this rider BYE BYE and here a BAN for one day for the trouble

Zwift already has a system where race organisers, if they so choose, can set a hardware requirement that a HR monitor must be worn to get into a race. Many race organisers choose not to set this requirement and that is their right.

Do you know how easy it is to look for and enter those races which do require a HR monitor ?


what difference would it actually make to the race if they were wearing a HRM? i only wear one because i feel like i have to. i really hate using them. i couldn’t care less what other people’s heart rates are

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Yes but Zwift crit events have no HR so we had no racing potential cheating

You know if people are cheating when rider are doing 6.6Wkg 5 min with a HR 133

Zwift HQ events never enforce HR to enter the pen. They only weed those racers out of the results on ZwiftPower. That’s an intentional choice on their part, just like allowing speed sensors in their races. Of course nobody needs to sign up for ZwiftPower at all so excluding people from ZwiftPower results doesn’t do much. Community organizers can do whatever they want.

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Zwift Crit Club - “Please note; for your results to show up in Zwift Power you must be using a Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) and be riding on a smart trainer, smart bike, or using a power meter.” - no requirement to wear a HR monitor to race.

Example of a race this afternoon - “Heart rate monitors compulsory for all categories” - you, hopefully, won’t be allowed to enter the race pen without a HR Monitor.

Two slightly different rules.

For what you really want you need to look, on CA, for races with the follow HR monitor Hardware Requirement.

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Yeah, you can’t enter, and if you turn the HRM off or unpair it mid race you get about 90 seconds (i think) to pair it before you’re ejected. KISS, DBR run races pretty much every day with this requirement and there are probably other organisers too


My recent HR during a race. Either the strap is failing or the unit. I didn’t think anyone would care one way or another.

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Do we really want less people? Because many races are between 0-1 riders

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HRM is basically pointless theatrics. It doesn’t prevent cheating, just means that genuine riders get randomly disqualified due to stupid equipment glitches. The data is frequently junk anyway and no one ever checks.


How can club create an event that you need use a heart rate monitor?

It be great for running events.

It’s currently not an option for club events to exclude people without HR in either cycling or running.

Do you really know that a given HR is not an effort for a given rider?

I know two people, roughly the same age, not that far off in cycling ability, who have max HR of 160 and 215-ish. Their HR at the same power is wildly different.

I agree that there’s little benefit to the HR monitor. When I’ve thought that a rider was BS and was right, the HR data was never the thing that tipped me off.

If someone doing 6.6 for 6mins with HR 133 fishy as hell to me and if real need to see cycling team for pro contract

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It would be great if there was a thing, in club events an option of selecting heart rate monitor is required.

The heart rate monitor should be used as guide for example for running events.

It would allow the event creator a guide if the person is running at the speed.

Hi Matthew,

You are right in some ways that a HR would enable better regulation of genuine runners.

I run an event daily and often somebody pops up running twice my pace, I always look and most of the time they have no HR or cadence data. That said there are very few actual races on Zwift for runners so in reality it makes no difference. Let them sail into the sunset, makes no difference to me.

For club events most of the people invited will be members of the club who should be genuine runners. You have the option to kick them out the club if not.

There are still ways to cheat the system though. I’ll not give details but I could run a sub 2hr marathon whilst providing cadence data and a high HR that would make you think it was genuine.

For me just ignore the fake flyers.

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And also join our club. Search for the NPRC. Always on the lookout for run leaders if you fancy it.

Really? What’s my speed at a heart rate of 120?

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I don’t think Matthew is trying to make that point James. It’s more weeding out those that run sub 4 minute miles with a zone 3 HR level.

For some fake flyers can completely ruin an event.

Well, its not 3.30min per km as we have on the WTRL duathlon league. Some unreasonable speeds on there. I think the point is it is a good indicator except in some circumstances for limited periods of time