Yet again riders with no HR

If someone’s doing 6.6 for 6min they should be looked at very closely regardless of what their HR data says. Not a large number of people in the world doing that.

The full-stop HR mandatory, DQ if it malfunctions or disconnects is highly unnecessary. Cheaters are going to find a way around it pretty easily.


Surely the issue there is the speed regardless of heart rate.

No. There’s some very capable runners out there.

If I’m running with somebody running 5 minute miles in zone 5 then I’m more inclined to believe it over somebody with no HR or cadence.

There’s nobody running speeds that aren’t achievable, the HR at least helps show they haven’t set their treadmill running whilst they’re sat having a coffee.

I like this idea, extreme performances should automatically flag a review where the rider has to supply some proof they are capable of that. Nothing fancy needed, just examples to prove the ability which if they can do that will be easy enough.

You said fliers can ruin an event, now you are saying they don’t if they have a heart rate…finding it hard to work out what your point is.

Keep reading. You’ll work it out eventually.

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I personally don’t know want speed you do at 120 bpm
What I do know you got a heart rate monitor on or not.

If person has an heart rate monitor on and running 15km/hr.
As a guide their heart rate should be over 100 and should be at lease over 120.

Their apps out there the manually add the speed to Zwift runs.
With a press of button - I can tell Zwift I doing 15km/hr without running at all.

I can (could) run a 5k at 3:30/km, and I’m no better than an average club runner.

But your HR is higher than 120,… that is a pretty fast pace

3.30km is roughly a 17min30sec park run. If you look on the web, that would give you the park run record for at least half the courses, so I would say that is a lot faster than your average club runner. On top of that, you have these times coming off a 35-minute hard bike ride when doing the WTRL duathlon. If that is normal to you I would say you are far far above the level of the majority