Mandatory HR

(Samuel Leguevaques) #1

thank you to make mandatory the wearing of a HR. it’s important for health and for race .Has the pairing screen if no HR no Zwift, just watch. it’s simple right? Thank you

(John Hallas ) #2

Why would it be mandatory? It does not affect the performance of Zwift and is entirely personal.
My HR broke the other day and I had to order a new one. According to this request I would not have been able to use Zwift until I bought a new HR monitor.

There does not seem to be any sense to this request

(Daren Chandisingh [Vision]) #3

I don’t think they could or should make HRM mandatory even as a setting for racing.

I think ZwiftPower/“ZADA” require HR for “category A” riders, but to me it’s completely personal information. As well as that, it gives rivals more information than they should have in a competitive scene. Imagine being able to look at an opponent’s biometrics and determine that they were at their limit based on HR and what you know is their max.

I get that it’s one of the only ways to detect cheating on Zwift, but I think it requires the company to develop the technology in-game to determine and deter cheats.

But yeah, no to mandatory HRM. What next, smart trainers only?

n.b. I think it’s reasonable to build race series around a specific trainer, like the Tacx Neo series. And if ZwiftPower want to do it, that’s up to them as it’s a private, third-party system that itself isn’t mandatory.

(Samuel Leguevaques) #4

Heart rate monitors must be made mandatory to participate in the races. it would already be a good start to make it a bit fair. yesterday I did a race, a guy in front with more than 6w / kg very long. I belong to the final classification that he had no HR, what do I think? you can not even know if he’s just forcing a little on the pedals.

(Steve Copeland) #5

It’s a game guys…

(Gavin Morrison) #6

Some people have an innate sense of where their HR is and don’t need a monitor.
Anyway, I have a question…do I need to purchase a specific type of HR monitor from a company to use on Swift or will they all connect by Bluetooth???

(Chris Holton) #7

How would you know he wasn’t faking his heart rate too in that case? Unless you can actually see someone how would you ever know?

Just enjoy riding and if you can’t do that then race for real in real life!

(Chris Holton) #8

Any Bluetooth HR monitor should work (or ant+ if you have that as an option)

(Gerrie Delport) #9

@Samuel_Leguevaques: HR is not a good indication to find “cheaters” someone very unfit will have a high HR by just walking so when he add a drill to his back wheel he can just soft pedal at 6w/kg and have a HR of 180bpm.

We all know 6w/kg is very hard to hold so what would a HRM tell you more?

No we need a grading system for races, then miscalibrated trainers will filter to the top and they will have to race in the A+ group where you need to have be verified.

Who care if someone is faster or slower on Zwift than IRL (in real life) if we get grouped on performance we can have good races.

Get rid of w/kg. done even show it on screen.
Sart a ranking system.
Have more that 4 start groups (cats) for big races.

(Scott Pisciotta) #10

That’s why it should be straight up WATTS and only WATTS. W/KG is stupid and should not affect the game.

(Sige Goevaerts Race Wbr) #11

It would indeed be a nice to have “smart trainer” only races… I know Zwift only cares about monthly subscriptions and yes it is a game… it is pretty useless to hold races where you bust your chops on your “Neo” against a “fairly good performing” trainer that is ±15% accurate, where people actually think they are in the shape of their life.
When was the last time you increased your FTP with 50Watts?

Same goes for the OP’s original question regarding HRM, it would be good to know if you are cranking out 500Watts against a Dewalt or an actual human being.

(Marc) #12

I just use a Wahoo Tikr, cheap and does the job.