Missing Live Data Update

Thanks for at least trying to update us @xflintx but really it is lots of exactly what you astutely pointed out is just frustrating as a customer… “we are working on it”

As already asked many times why don’t you consult the guys that built the system who already said they can help and are willing to help… I can only assume Zwift have reasons for not keeping them involved but if so what!?!

Let’s hope the next update has some better news.


@PETER_BRADBURY It looks like your rides are all marked private in Zwift and therefore Zwiftpower is using your live data, not fit file, hence the differences.

Wonder why support couldnt answer that.

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Thanks @Dean I didn’t even know that it had to be set to Public for ZP to get the .FIT file rather than use live data (was set to followers). Agreed - they should have know that. Although this thread had opened up a can of worms on the WTRL page with both Glen and James on there lol


By the way @PETER_BRADBURY changing privacy now doesnt retrospectively change Zwiftpower unfortunately - the change will only apply going forward. Cheers. EDIT: that statement applies to race position sorry. I’m unsure whether it will allow stats to be updated.

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And in the meantime, WTRL is doing an amazing job despite the data that you do not provide.
But the duathlon league that Zwift is co-organizing and promoting via email to all subscribers cannot work with the crap Zwift Power is not providing.
If you are not technically capable of providing a certain service, do not design events that are based on that service.


@Simone_Chiaretta_BZR I can assure you the Zwift Duathlon format does work. WTRL and the Zwift Tri marketing team spent considerable time testing weeks ago before the ZwiftPower live data pretty much completely died and it worked incredibly well. The fact that it does not work now is a testament to the terrible state that ZwiftPower has been allowed to become. While this is not something Zwift will want to be attributed with, the fix needs to come soon as while the Zwift Duathlon league is affected severely (to say the least) along with other WTRL events (ZRL & WTRL TTT), ALL Zwift Racing is affected. Rider categories are shot (riders getting upgraded that shouldnt be, others not getting upgraded when they should be, ranking points broken, power data incorrect, results incorrect, riders appearing in results 7 days after an event with no data or way to determine if they are supposed to be there… the list goes on)


There are references earlier in updates and even on the forum of;

  • the small team at ZwiftPower

Understand Zwift won’t divulge its hiring strategies, use of consultants etc and whilst throwing more people at a problem doesn’t always help my consideration or care from a consumer perspective for the size of your team at ZwiftPower is very low (however as your personal role as front person I do empathize with you getting all the messages)

Along with this comms have reverted to only post like this and the status page at Zwift says ZwiftPower is operational and their are no known issues.

Realistically there are known issues and https://status.zwift.com/ should reflect this.

After issues spanning back to Nov/Dec I think this issue should be escalated and we should be hearing updates from higher up the hierachy as building a from fresh solution should have been possible in this window.

This is a paid service and whilst I appreciate the company may have other priorities promoting series like the duathlon series without the ability to support the production of results is problematic in building the trust of user base.

Thanks for listening to this feedback - communication, transparency and action are key and at the moment how much of the above is happening is a little bit opaque.



Is there a timeline for the fix?

As a user of this system, I’m not seeing any clear timelines for action. Unfortunately, even though I enjoy duathlons, I’m going to pull out of the duathlon league for now.

I’ll probably also step back from taking part in Zwift racing for a while until I see things back to normal as they were last year. Its a lot of effort for most of us, physical and mental prepping, waking up early in the mornings, giving 100% to these events and then having to deal with broken systems.


Hi Martin, with “you” I meant Zwift and their ability to provide reliable data. They are pushing eRacing and all these racing events, but they are not capable of providing the raw data to make those things happen.
You guys at WTRL are doing an amazing job and I’m sure everything has been tested well in advance, but I think the main issue lies in your sentence

“WTRL and the Zwift Tri marketing team”

As you know I’m a developer as well, and worked on many events/initiatives and almost all the times “marketing” planned on things that it dept couldn’t provide.


This really is affecting the racing community now and needs immediate action from Zwift. A high priority IT incident should warrant daily updates on both here and the service status page as others have said, and you should be working flat out to fix this.

You also need to support WTRL with this because as they have said, it is reflecting badly on them and affecting individuals there personally. Zwift need to own this and prioritise a fix.


Put the whole thing on hold Martin. Your patience is admirable, but when community racing grinds to a halt it should give Zwift the kick up the behind they need.

The result of this situation should be financial risk for Zwift, not you guys having to work ridiculous hours to produce RIGO (Rubbish In, Gold Out)

Also going to bring @Mark_Cote in on this. If it hasn’t already, this should be being escalated to the highest level, and to be honest should have daily status updates and comments from senior management. I am sure you are aware of the impact this could have if the ZRL season was put on the hold, the TTTs stopped and the duathlon binned. This is a Zwift PR disaster waiting to happen.


I agree. Other platforms much be licking their lips for a chance to take all the racing away - if Zwift cannot provide data analytics to partners easily and quickly - people will move, and as its mostly group based racing - it could be big groups that move - all at once.

I really feel for the WTRL guys and gals. :cry:

I know Zwift purchased / took over Zwiftpower from James and Glen - but if it is indeed such an issue to apply fixes to it or even make it usable - perhaps Zwift need to freeze all racing that requires ZwiftPower / WTRL hooks for a month - and spend some of that seed money on their racing specific issues - so we have a more integrated system - not one requiring 3 different logins and special/secret signup links for races.

But I’m sure for them and Eric, seeing another 10,000 people sign up for a 25km trial in a day and polishing their upcoming smart bike is more fun.


@xflintx - Thank-you for as transparent an update as I suspect you are able to provide, but it does little to convince your customers that Zwift as a whole are putting effort and resources in place to fix this that are commensurate with the scale of the problem and the frustration that this is creating.

We all want strong and competitive racing in Zwift - but that relies upon a level playing field. And one of the big benefits of Zwift racing should be the great data we can all pour over post-race. The category system may not be perfect - but the very least we should expect as your customers is that the data and tools in place to keep people riding in the right category work properly.

I have personally brought about a dozen people into Zwift through personal recommendations and am now bring those friends into Zwift racing - many of whom would otherwise only ride outside as we go into the spring and summer. This itself means there’s also a commercial benefit through keeping people engaged with the Zwift Racing Leagues through the northern hemisphere summer. You are not going to do this to the same extent without fixing these data issues in the next few weeks … because once you lose them outdoors, you won’t likely get them back until late Autumn … and that’s a shame for all of us.

@Eric - I hope you recognize the level of frustration that this is currently causing many of your customers and I implore you to increase the resources available to fix the existing data problems and be stronger on committing to timescales within which you will get this resolved so that your customers can see and feel Zwift’s commitment to putting this right.


With all outdoor races being canceled worldwide since a year today, me and many like myself are really getting the kicks out competing virtually to keep us sharp, fit and to get this true race experience.
Especially the WTRL races, specifically the Duathlon League is just a wonderful way to get connected to befriended and likeminded triathletes and duatletes worldwide.

Therefore it is very sad situation that the results cannot be posted due to leaving Zwiftpower unattended, or at least not giving it the love an attention it requires so we can be fullon competitive.

Please hear our pleas and try to make some hours available to fix this for us. You will have our eternal gratitude!

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Um no.


Dear Zwift,
Please take these Zwift Power issues very seriously and make this your top priority ASAP. Zwift Power IS and HAS BEEN the essential resource for YOUR community of racers. Without Zwift Power functioning perfecting for years, Zwift would not be where it is today.

It is unacceptable how you have handled Zwift Power since it was taken over last year. We are all very disappointed. Listen to us and fix the problem.



Hi, I’ve done 2 weeks of the duathlon and still not received any results. We understand that this is because Zwift has NOT prioritised fixing their ZwiftPower problems and therefore not met deadlines and promises made to WTRL. This is not acceptable. We are currently paying for a service that isn’t at the normal high standards that Zwift provide, which used to set it above others. Please confirm that the data sent to WTRL is now your highest priority. Thanks.

Over the past couple of years, I have promoted Zwift to many club mates. I have enjoyed e-racing, and I have really appreciated the services that Zwift Power has provided. Zwift has now taken over ZP, the platform no longer works properly. Our team results in ZRL are all over the place, even though we are in Cat A and fighting for promotion to a higher division. The Duathlon results are a fiasco. Zwift, it’s time to pull your finger out and sort this mess, otherwise I will move to RGT or Rouvy. Ironman currently races on Rouvy, if WRTL moves to that platform it will be good bye Zwift from me.


I’ve enjoyed the entertainment of reading this thread. Zwift has really reached Peak Zwift of breaking unbroken things on this one. I say just give up. Quit looking for solutions, take the “small team” assigned to this and put them on a real money making project—building a zwift bike! That’s what all the non-customers demand! Also, @James_Hodges_KRT is my number 1 favorite Zwifter, an OG who knows how to dominate a message board.


This is getting out of hand @xflintx WTRL busting they’re asses while you guys sitting on yours! It’s now over a month!

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