Event Data not available

Hi There,
I did a KISS Race - EU AM event yesterday and approx 3/4 of the way through (coming back down the volcano) all leader boards and time gaps disappeared. Everything else continued to display.
The overall time and distance to go continued to work right through to the finish line. When i crossed the finish line there was no arch way to signify the finish just the marking on the road.
As soon as I finished the leader board / results screen appeared, but was completely blank. Not only my results were missing but there was nothing from any of the other competitors. (Although their results appear elsewhere)
I have checked Zwift Companion, Zwift Power and Strava and nothing appears at all.
The only record appears under the activity section in My Zwift . It appears in the list of results but again there is no data just a ride that started at 4:54 pm local time.

I did a warm up ride prior to this and that one appears.

It seem like you lost internet connection 3/4 of the way.

When you loos internet connection all riders disappeared.

But everything else kept working. It didn’t miss a beat.

Usually when internet connection is lost the screen freezes.

Your symptoms are exactly as I have seen albeit only twice in last 12 months and I validated each time that it was my network at home playing up.

You may/should have a partial FIT file that has details of your ride - that wont be of any use for Zwift but if you use say Strava, you can load it and at least get it recorded against your own records.

You may have to re-name a FIT file called inProgressActivity.fit, or simply look for the file that is date/time stamped for when you did your activity in this location x:\Users*****\Documents\Zwift\Activities