3R Endurance Series - race not recorded


I completed the 3R endurance race which started at 9:05am today but unfortunately the result has not been saved on ZP. I’ve been riding this race series since it started 7 weeks ago. One issue I had this morning is that my cadence meter was not being detected, but everything else worked.

I have the fit files and the race was uploaded to Strava/training peaks. Is this something that can be fixed?

Many thanks!



Looking at your activity on Companion App, you dont have a placing which is symptomatic of a network glitch sometime during the activity. That is why ZP has you in non-finishers list. Running your log file through Zwiftalizer.com might highlight network problems. Logging this with Zwift support and providing your fit file, ZP event ID and log file may get you a result in terms of understanding what went wrong

Does your 100kph badge show up in Zwift?

Zwiftpower shows that you did not finish and you stopped at 47km. Like Dean said, this most likely means you had a internet dropout and nothing can be done.

Thanks both! Will see what i can investigate with a support ticket. Yes, the 100kph did show up during the event.

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