III league Zesp ranking

I have finished the 2nd race of the III LIGA ZESP and do not appear in the ranking list, I attach photo of the session and as you can see it has been recorded on my profile, so everything seems to be correct. You’d be so kind as to see what happened.
Thank you!

Zwiftpower lost visibility of you at 19km’s/25 minutes - quite likely you had a network glitch which caused that which is why you arent in Zwift or the Zwiftpower finisher’s results

I don’t deny that I may have had any disconnection, but then, how is it possible that you downloaded the race data on strava, zwift companion and web zwift with the exact km of the race if you tell me you lost the connection? And why haven’t they been downloaded to zwiftpower? I don’t get it.

Zwift knows you started the event and it knows you finished the event. What it didnt see was some data at the 25minute mark which means that the data is incomplete - hence why it isnt showing you in the results. Zwiftpower wont show a result with incomplete data, if they allowed that they would have left room for manipulation of results.

All I can suggest is that if you want to avoid this in future, see if you can tidyup your network connection between your Zwift device and Zwift.

Okay, I get it. I’ll take your advice on my internet connection. Thank you for your explanation and for your time.

Best regards!

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