Lost connection but finished ride

Hi, I participated in the event [Magnum mOnDayZ RACE presented by Team ODZ] today at 14.15
I lost internet connection somewhere at the start of the last lap.

I finished the race on my own though. I waited until the internet connection was restored to save and upload my race but it is not showing in zwiftpower. It is in strava though. Is there some way to restore me to the race? I think I finished first in my D category.

Kind regards Sake

Zwiftpower lost sight of you at 27.9km’s (likely due to your internet connection issue). You appear in the non-finishers section. Zwiftpower needs to see the your complete race so unfortunately you can not appear in the results. You may still appear in your Profile / Activities section.

hmm thats to bad :cry: , but thanks for looking in to it.
I don’t see it appear in the Profile / Activites section either…