Zwift lost connection during ZRL stage 2

My Zwift app lost connection halfway through the stage, but I still finished the event and was able to save. The saved file was uploaded after restarting Zwift, once the connection was restored. However, I don’t appear in the Zwiftpower results. By my estimation, I should be in position 40, as I crossed the finish line in 59:38.

In case it helps, the activity was saved publicly to Strava, and I was streaming when it disconnected (at the 34:00 mark) and I continued riding alone, then I restarted my router and started a new stream where I tried to save, then restarted my Apple TV so that Zwift would connect again. I also have dual recording, which I haven’t been able to upload to Zwiftpower yet because I don’t appear there.

Event ID is 2647831, my Zwift ID is 787828.

The WTRL people aren’t going to see your post here. They don’t use Zwiftpower for their results, they use the live Zwift data feed. But if you’re not appearing in the WTRL results or Zwiftpower then I’m afraid it’s very unlikely that they’ll be able to do anything about it, due to your drop being too long/significant. Sorry.

You need to contact WTRL race control via your team’s Captain or Manager if you want to ask WTRL about this.

I already contacted Race Control separately by email. This is just for Zwiftpower support.

How does your activity appear in your companion app? It’s unlikely based on what you’ve said, that it would appear in ZP.

I have two activities called ‘London’. I suspect the first one is the one that was saved locally and then uplaoded after the restart, and the second one is the continuation of the activity that lost connection. I don’t see event results in those activities, though.

Now, I understand it’s unlikely that an automated process would pick up my activity and infer from there that I finished the event, which is why I’m presenting additional evidence for it, in case it can be done manually.

Unfortunately there isn’t a way to manually upload activities into Zwiftpower.

So I’m guessing the saved activity that was uploaded when the connection was restored doesn’t contain the information that it was part of an event, right? Because that would be the only other way I see an automated process could realize it was part of that race.

Yep - It would normally receive an end event notification which it wouldn’t have done in this case.

Well, not ideal, but what can you do. Thanks a lot, now to wait and see if I can get those finishing points from WTRL at least.