Lost experience and drops after a ride?!

During my ride today my level went from 10 to 11 and i had gained some drops.
This now seems to have completely rolled back to what i t was before i did the ride.

After saving the ride and exiting the program:
My ride was saved to both zwift and strava without a problem just everything got rolled back.

I would like to get into contact with someone to fix this issue #bugs-and-support

That usually happens when you have Zwift open on multiple devices. Or didn’t log out of the other device.

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Thanks for the reply Gerrie.

I did completely remove Zwift off my Windows 10 system before starting the app. on my mobile phone.
If thats the case there must be a account related problem.

So I logged in on Zwift with my mobile phone (Android) and went for a ride, everything worked out as expected. Then uploaded my ride/closed the application, no problem there either.

After a quick shower i saw my notifications came in (Strava/Zwift), reïnstalled Zwift on my Windows 10 system and then the ride wasnt there when logged in.

Identical thing happened to me yesterday morning and I dont run Zwift on anything other than my iOS. It seemed there was a forced logout (my buddy who was doing a meetup with me experienced it as well) and caused everything like you to be rolled back. I now have 2 rides where i simulatenously leveled up in . Glad to know others had the same issue yesterday.