Level XP point issue

Today in a 100k groupride i was almost at the end of Level 32. may only some kilometers left, definitely below 10, howerver group ride finished before that.
At this moment the level scrollbar went back to the first third — very wondering. looks like all the Kilometers from the groupride did not take into account somehow.

I guess this happened once the x8 switched back to x1 for XP calculation.

Hi Sven,

I’m sorry that your XP bar reset after your group ride, this is normally just a visual glitch. Make sure that you’re not logged into Zwift on any of your platforms. Then pick one platform to run Zwift on, and verify that it has the most recent version of Zwift installed. After that, log in to Zwift and see if your XP bar is correct. If it’s not correct, please submit a support ticket here, and we’ll gladly help you troubleshoot this issue.