Step change in XP to next reward

Dear ZwiftForum, on Saturday 6-July-24 I had 9456XP to the next reward level. On Monday 8-July-24, I had 16,379XP to the next reward level after riding 28km (560XP plus 2x10XP) and receiving the weekly streak bonus of 500XP. So, I don’t know why I suddenly need an extra 8,000XP to the next level (I am already at Level 100 so the rewards are somewhat academic for now). I am using version 1.68.2 of Zwift. Has there been a change to the XP level system? Or is there another explanation? Regard, David H.

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I think there is an error here because the required XP points suddenly jumped up. It was 5,500 leveling up to Level 44. Now at Level 44, leveling up to Level 45 requires 8,00 XP. Why the sudden jump? Anyone else having this experience?