Level 51-60 Progress Bar Reser


I am a level 50 and today I noticed that my Orange progress bar was Reset compared to Yesterday where it had some progress.
I have pictures from the rides.
Did you do the Reset today as part of everyone starting at 500000 and getting double Xp until the xp amount reaches the previously earned amount?
I noticed earning double xp yesterday.
First picture I from todays ride and second is from yesterday.

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This will depend on when you updated your Zwift client.

Hi James,

I am sure I updated on the day of release or the day after.



I can’t think of any reason why your double XP would have started at a time other than as soon as you updated the client.

Happy to hear if anyone has had any similar experiences.

I just read on one of the Danish Zwift forums that a user got a level up to level 7 yesterday. However when she logged in again she was still at level 6. This was posted today.
Don’t know if it is an issue.

Being logged onto more than one device (with Zwift) can cause this sort of issue.

It mostly happened a few days ago. Check your previous ride log files if you have used a PC or Mac to see what you had before (if you didn’t keep track of it previously).

Some people went from more than 2,000,000 down to 500,000.

Seeing it reset after the update as you showed it is odd.

I had about 700000.
It is Odd that the progress bar Reset from showing progress Yesterday back to showing No progress today.

I can see from the log file that the Reset from my Earned Xp Down to 500000 happened on Sept 16th.

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last week I had some movement on the 50+ orange bar as warehouse getting 40 XP points at the kilometre on Sunday the orange bar had been reset to 0 now just showing a little why 2 resets?