Accelerated leveling stopped

I noticed over the past few days accelerated leveling stopped. I should still be getting 64 XP credited per mile until level 98, but started have the XP needed for leveling up decrease by 32 per mile. Previously it was going down by 64. The icon on the screen still has the triple chevron.

Thank you, Alan. I have noticed the same issue. I have accelerated leveling to level 99, but I have not received that benefit so far in the month of March 2024.

I just wanted to see if there was a bug. I’ll still get to level 100 in a few months, but I’m sure this will be fixed if there is a problem. I let Zwift know as well.

I just completed a climb portal ride that can demonstrate an issue with the accelerated leveling calculations in Zwift. Prior to the ride I had 415 XP required to the next level. I have accelerated XP to level 99, so I should have reached the next level by 11km. However, I was at 12.7km with 7 by 10XP bonuses and only ticked over to my new level 83 upon receiving 250XP in the climb portal. Something is unusual with the accelerated leveling system. Are there any suggestions or solutions?

I have just noticed a change in my accelerated XP status from LV60 >>> LV99 (triple chevron) to LV60 >> LV99 (double chevron). I have also noticed that I no longer receive the benefits of the accelerated XP to achieve new levels during the month of March 2024. Is there a reason for the change in status?

I have seen a few other people mention they were seeing similar.

I haven’t noticed but haven’t really been looking - i’ll check what mine is doing tomorrow.

I was accelerated to level 98 i think (they did explain why it wasn’t 100 but can’t remember what the reason was)

Oops. My mistake. I actually changed to a double chevron without noticing it (old eyes?). So I am getting discounted leveling but not accelerated leveling. Problems solved. Thank you Zwift support for the help.

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