Level 60+ Bonus XP not accumulating [March 26, 2024]

I was at level 60+ when the new levels rolled out in November. I have been receiving the 2x XP bonus since as I have worked my way up to level 94. However, as of Sunday this bonus has stopped being awarded. According to the menu screen I should be receiving the bonus through level 98. Has anyone else had this issue? Is it tied into Game Update 1.61 somehown?

Welcome to Forums @Bill_Dawson. I hope you are having a great week. This is Juan from the Zwift support team. Thanks for sharing your concern here.

I appreciate your detailed explanation. Accelerated leveling only applies to the amount of XP earned during a previous max level. Zwifters in the accelerated leveling group level up twice as fast as for each new amount of XP earned, an equal amount of XP from the amount earned at the previous maximum level is applied toward the next level progress.

For instance, let’s say you had 60,000 XP that was earned while at level 60 when it was the maximum level. The final levels in the previous scheme (levels 56-60) required 30,000 XP to attain. This means you’ll level up twice as fast until you’ve used up all the XP you earned above the previous maximum. After you reach the indicated level, your progress will no longer be accelerated.

Anyhow, I’d like to encourage you to contact us to drill down on your case. It’d be great if you add a screenshot of your pause menu. We will be happy to help.

Hi Juan,

I very much appreciate the response. Please find the screenshot below. I am in the group of folks who were at Level 60 and accumulating XP beyond the Level 60 point when the new leveling structure was released in November. If I understand the bonuses correctly, I should be receiving the 2x XP multiplier (from 20 XP/kilometer to 40 XP/kilometer) until Level 98 as shown on the screen grab. I believe when the new leveling structure came out in November, this screen showed Level 96, and now it shows Level 98, if that helps. I don’t have a record of how much XP I had above the level 60 cutoff when the new structure came out, but I definitely understand your description of how it works.

I just leveled up this morning from Level 94 to Level 95, and it looks like I received the 20% discount bonus, but I’m still earning only 20 XP per kilometer. This has been the case since sometime during Sunday’s ride.

Interestingly, it appears that sometime as I have approached the 1,000,000 total XP milestone, the game somehow synced my XP UNTIL NEXT LEVEL with my progress towards 1,000,000 total XP since I started in the game. I noticed this on Sunday since I started paying closer attention to when I would hit that big milestone. In other words, when I was at 999,112 total XP, the game was showing me with exactly 888 XP left to Level 95. I don’t know how long this synch was in place.

Again, thanks for your response. I will look forward to any analysis you can do. Regardless, I will continue Zwifting happily. Congratulations to you and the whole team for creating an indoor training revolution.


The wheelie and double arrows are actually showing that you’re getting discounted levelling, think that’s 20% less XP needed per level, that you get until level 98. The 2x XP multiplier would be applied if you had triple arrows showing.

I’m going to assume that you ran out of banked XP that you had accumulated while being parked at level 60 and that’s why you’re no longer getting the 2x on XP. I know that’s what happened to me. Would’ve been nice for Zwift to show us how much banked XP we had remaining.


Thanks very much for pointing out this detail. I obviously missed that point, but it certainly explains what I’m experiencing. Maybe some further information will come out from the Zwift Support Team, but for now I will almost double my expectations for the kilometers required to get to Level 100. Thanks again.

Ride on,


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