Banked XP Question

This question is probably for James or someone from Zwift, but say you had more XP than it takes to get to level 60. Like if I had 900k experience and level 60 requires 750k. I know the banked XP is used to get to level 60, but when they increase the level cap again to level 70 or whatever, will the remainder of the banked XP (150k XP) from this cap increase be used for accelerated leveling or will it be lost?

I would expect you to continue to get double XP until it runs out, if the level cap is increased again.

if i’m still getting double XPs and the levels are increased again will i be then again cut back to 750,000?

so will the bit i had acquired over 750,000 then be added to the banked XP total?

I can see this getting very messy and unmanageable. May as well just stop XPs at 750,000 when people get there.

I genuinely don’t have a better answer for you than who knows.

I would expect your XP to continue to be banked and you’ll receive double XP accordingly.

But yes, it is a bit complicated.

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Sorry - wasn’t having a go at you!

Didn’t think you were :slight_smile: I just don’t have an accurate answer for you at this stage.

Nice to see optimistic people.

I doubt we will have banked XP left when the levels increase again. :rofl: :rofl:

at current rate it’ll take me about 2 or 3 years to get them all back so we’ll see!

Once you reach the new cap (750k xp), experience will continue to be banked and can be used in a further max level increase. No experience should be lost in any case.

That may change in the future, but I’m reporting the way it is implemented today.

my question was more that if when the new levels are added I have got back to about 1,000,000 i’ll then lose 250,000 again and would have still had nearly 1,000,000 still banked. so do the 250,000 get added to the other banked amount?

it isn’t important, just curious and can see it easily going wrong!

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yes, thanks Juan, I would expect this, but I’m not asking about future XP being banked. I’m asking about the extra XP above and beyond what it takes to get to level 60 that has ALREADY been banked. I think James answered that it would be, but just so I’m clear here.

If I had 900k XP prior to the release of level 51-60 and you banked 400k. I use 250k to get to level 60, which leaves 150k theoretically in my bank. Say I continue to ride and have reached 850k when you decide to release levels 61-70. I would expect that I would have 250k XP banked (150+100), not just the 100k I’ve earned since level 60. I think James is saying yes and I think you might be saying yes as well, but the way you phrased it led me to ask for clarification.

Good question, I had just over 890,000XP before the change, I’ve just crawled above level 51 so it will be ages before I reach 60. :frowning:

It would have been easier just give people the level they should be at based on the XP they already had. I know that’s a very unpopular opinion.

Would have been nice to have the option to not use banked XP at all. I’m not keen to race to level 60. Sitting at level 50 for years was a drag. There were no small wins to activate the reward center of the brain when campaigns/events weren’t going on. The orange bar could entice you to tack on that few extra miles to level up. You don’t win anything at the end, and quite frankly, the unlocks are things that most people won’t use. If it takes years for some to get there… GOOD. It breathes new life into the platform when all badges/routes have been exhausted.


Nope… I just noticed that NO XP IS BEING ADDED TO MY TOTAL AFTER LEVEL 60. I am being told that I’m earning 30xp/mile, but my total never goes above 750,000.

Hmm. This is different than the previous level cap.

I was only joking zwift!

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