Not seeing accelerated xp

Menu shows three chevrons to level 98, but each kilometer my rider score on the menu only increases by 20. This looks like a bug, or what am I missing? Known issue?

Thank you!

Explained here:

Double XP are not showing when you’re riding - you receive this bonus after the ride.

Thanks. I will give this a test in the next few days and report back!

Your rider score increases as normal (20XP per km or 30 per mile) but the amount needed to the next level will decrease by the accelerated amount

If I understand correctly, this discount is one of two acceleration mechanisms if you’re seeing a triple chevron. The other was stated to be something like “double xp”. Possible that both acceleration mechanisms could be implemented with reduced xp requirements I suppose, but that was not the original description (?).

you are getting double the XP you earn taken off the amount needed to the next level.

for example if you need 5000 XP to the next level when you see 2500 XP in game you’ll level up.

The second form of level acceleration we’ll call “Double XP”, and it applies to riders at level 50+ who have accumulated additional XP. Instead of simply applying all that banked XP and zooming you through all the levels the first time you log in, Zwift doubles any XP you earn, so you level up twice as fast until you use up your banked XP.

Example: since I’m receiving Double XP (40 XP per km), riding 140km will earn me the 5600 XP needed to level up.

Don’t believe I’m seeing the behavior described here (40 per km), but hoping to do a little testing of this tomorrow and will let you know what I find.

Possible it will show up as modified “xp to go” numbers, or as added xp after the ride, but we shall see.

Test results are in! Rider score/xp go up by 20 per km, but xp to next level goes down by 40 per km! (As described.) I confirmed this by carefully tracking numbers over a 2km test ride

Funny system, but perhaps it has the intended effect.

As far as I’ve seen, there is nothing special that happens at the end of the ride in terms of xp (ignoring anything to do with streaks).

This is also not regarding any discount to leveling requirements that is being applied. Will try to keep track for a bit and see what that looks like on my next level-up, but probably no mystery there.

I believe this answers my initial question! (Unless anything looks off to others!)