Half the earned XP points

Is there something wrong in Zwift or my account? I only get half the XP points that I should for my rides on Monday, Tuesday and today!!!

Hello @lambert_valentijn, can you be more specific please? What makes you think you are only getting half XP during your rides?

Hello Mike

I did a ride today of 55 km and 3 times the Cheddar Gorge, I earned 720 XP points on the George and 55×40 (I get double XP points) on the ride that’s 2900 points at least. When I look into my level between yesterday and today I see that I’ve only got 1800 points. The seem on Tuesday and probably also on Monday.


are you sure you are still eligible for double points to accelerate your leveling up? Perhaps your banked XP has run out?

You’ll need to contact support if you think you are not getting the correct amount of XP.


I’m sure I still in for double points. I checked it, so yes I’m entitled to get double points.
Can you tell me if I’m the first one who noticed this? And can Zwift support see if I’m right


you don;'t actuaklly earn double the amount but the amount you need to level up is halved. so your total will only increase at 20xp per KM


In that case they don’t half the amount I need.
It’s the one or the other that isn’t all right.


ah okay - it isnt something I have noticed but i don’t pay too much attention to XP.

i’d have thought someone else would have flagged it by now if it was a widespread issue.

maybe someone from zwift HQ can take a look at your ride logs for you.

Hallo Chris

I’m already contacting Zwift support


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