Accelerated xp

I noticed this morning that my accelerated xp has disappeared and I’m now on normal xp. I’m currently level 56 but would have had accelerated xp up to level 60 (and beyond if there were greater levels)

Has anyone else’s accelerated xp dissapeared since the last update? @James_Zwift

I haven’t seen any comments along the same lines.

What is your rider score in the pause menu Neil?

It’s 970k @James_Zwift

You can also see that the accelerated xp icon has gone. Plus I watched the xp accumulate at 20 per km yesterday

Thanks - I’ll ask someone to check this out for you.

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Thanks @James_Zwift much appreciated

I noticed the same issue on my ride yesterday. I had accelerated XP activated through level 57 but it no longer appeared and I was getting standard XP on my ride. At level 55 right now.

It’s very confusing. I wish you could just see the level score rather than just the rider score or both would be good. Maybe your level score in game and your rider score in zwift power. I’m not sure why they changed it.