XP not added?

Just finished a workout, xp wasn’t added? I started a ride meeting 257 points to go to the next level. Finished the ride needing…257 xp? FWIW, there was an update right before my ride. Anyone else have this after the latest update?

I rode the 6th stage of TdZ yday and I believe I got all other XP’s, but the route achievent badge and the 490 points for that are missing (and the Legends and Lava route is still unconquered on my list).
I also ran an update before that ride…

Hi guys, welcome to forums. This is Juan a Zwift colleague. I understand how discouraging it is for you not to get the XP and achievements you should have gotten for your rides. To provided you a personalized assistance, I encourage you to contact us at zwift.com/contact-us. Keep in mind that the more details you give us about the trip, the better the assistance will be. For instance; screenshots of the completed activity.