Missing pieces

I did yesterday the 5th stage in the ToW. Didn’t get any XP points. I did the long ride and I saw the sign route completed, didn’t get bonus points.
With riding the 5th stage in the tour I completed the ToW but the 5th stage doesn’t show? I can see my ride in Zwift and it’s uploaded to Strava.
What went wrong and how can we repair it? Is it a bug?
Kind regards
L Valentijn

Looking at your ZCA activity report it looks like you had an error or connection issue saving your ride. You have The Big Ring badge which confirms you finished the ride.

I notice that you picked up a Jersey for every segment you passed, not something you normally achieve. Were you cycling alone on the ride or with plenty of other riders?

If you were to contact Zwift Support they would almost certainly credit you with the TOW stage 5.

HOWEVER I notice that you often complete more than one group ride for each stage of the TOW. You might find it a lot easier and less frustrating to just do a second stage 5 group ride rather than spend time trying to contact support.

Hallo Ian

I didn’t see other riders on my stage and that was strange. I first thought let’s start again but because everything else seemed to be normal I didn’t. After the ride I did see that the ride was confirmed in the Compagnion app but not in the ToW. Because of that I looked into my account and I noticed that I didn’t got the XP points and the bonus points for finishing a new route and that it wasn’t registered in the ToW. It isn’t a big problem to do the ride again (probably today) but it’s a pity that the reward isn’t given