Level 100 then back to level 99 [July 2024]

@evan-zwift or @shooj any idea what’s gone on here? Was at Level 99 last ride; started today and game had me at Level 100 despite being half way through 99 on the bar.

First banner of my WO and I got the Level 100 jersey and socks…. But XP still gradually increasing through the 99-100 bar. Confirmed at the end of the ride still a few thousand XP to go…….

I’ve seen the same report from someone else on social media too.

No huge drama just an odd bug.

Hi all,

I hit level 100 yesterday - what I believe prematurely. See the image below. I achieved the jersey also. Yipppee!

However, today I am back at level 99 as well as the level status bar less than yesterday. And NO level 100 jersey.


Is it a bug? Or am I dreaming?

Same here. We’ll get to 100, don’t worry.

Hi folks, there was an issue where a small number of Level 99 Zwifters could have prematurely seen Level 100. This issue has been corrected and anyone affected should now see the correct progress in Level 99.


Not really - the level is correct now but im still missing the earned XP from my ride when I accidentally had level 100.

@Andreas_Wilke Thanks for the heads up, we’ll look into this now.

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Seeing the correct progress in Level 99 is not correct.

Just look at my images on my original post. When I reverted back to Level 99, my Level 99 progress bar was contracted considerably!

I had to ride 60km yesterday trying to recover the Level 99 progress bar status.

It appears the level-up XP changes that were floated (and put on indefinite hold) three months ago were implemented with 1.69, which would make it quasi intentional

Same for me. Glad the bug is at least known. However I immediately switched to the L100 kit, and I still have it after getting rolled back to L99. I’m not taking it off and giving it back!!!

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The problem in this thread is not related to 1.69. I was still on 1.68, when it happened.

Looks like u solved it already - thank you Evan :+1:

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