Rider Score reset fail

I was at rider score 532,776 (2/3 done L51) after ZA #1 work out. After restarting Zwift my Rider score was reset to L50 start, 500,000. Anyone else seen this defect?

I was about to say that I’d seen this elsewhere, but then realised it was you on Facebook!

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Yes it’s me. Does Zwift work on issues like this on weekends?

Is it correct in the Companion app?

Yes, but it does not look like the Level bar is advancing today after this started.
I’m also taking a picture after each ride of the rider score. Lots of XP’s today doing ZA 1-3 Hope nothing gets lost when fixed?

Do/have you logged into Zwift on more than one device? If so, log out on them all, then try again on your main device.

My main appliance is ATV for the game. I also Have the game in an iPhone 12 mini. I opened the iPhone and logged out. It was already logged out but did it again. Also logged out on ATV. Both verified logged out. Started ATV and riding now with Taylor. The rider score did not fix itself. Thanks

Did you force close the app before logging in again?

Yes and following how Zwift says how to. Which is how I’ve done it forever

Dunno then, sorry. If it’s right in the Companion app then it should be the same in the game.

Companion is not right. It’s frozen at the level I was at when the game rider score reset to L50. The level bar is not advancing, in other words.

Dave, do you work for Zwift?

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:rofl: No.


Ok and thanks for trying I appreciate you responding

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I work when the day of the week ends in a Y.

Our CS team work over the weekend too.

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Paul - I’ve reset your XP to what I think it should be.

Can you confirm it looks right in game and the Companion App?


Thank you so much for fixing this James. The XP’s is perfect and accurate. I can’t tell you how happy the stress is gone.

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James Was it possible to see what caused this so it doesn’t happen again?

Not for me but I flagged this as a concern earlier today.


Can’t believe no one has asked…51kg!!!