Rider score down to 0

After the last update my riderscore has dropped to 0 ?




Lindsay R. Today at 12:20

Hi everyone!

First, I want to assure you your level has not been reset. The pause menu has a bug that is preventing it from displaying your level properly, but your points are still accumulating and your totals have not been reset. You can still see your current level and progress to the next on the HUD in the main screen.

As far as those of you who are still not seeing the achievements (and I believe I’ve already had responses on some of your tickets), there may have been other issues with your activity data that is preventing the unlock. We will address these on an individual basis in your tickets. 

Thank you again for your patience, we’re working as hard as we can to get this issue properly squashed."

Perfect - Thanks :slight_smile:

I noticed this yesterday (with the update). Thought I’d wait and see if anyone else reported it – surprised that, a full 24 hrs later, only one post!

My rider score got reset to 0 (from 30,000+). Can’t tell whether it’s recording rides after the update correctly – I did about 60 miles over two rides, yesterday and today, but the rider score is still 0.

I was planning to level up from 13 to 14 this week; hope the new software bug doesn’t mess that up…

After ‘cat-ing up’ to level 25 I started proudly wearing the green argyle, and also noticed that my rider score was zero. It hasn’t changed over the last week, in spite of putting in 100km or so … and giving Ride Ons doesn’t seem to have an effect either.

If it is a bug in the system that’s OK - for now I will operate under the assumption that there is some esoteric combination of things (e.g. wear the Jensie jersey on a red Madone or a sky blue jersey on a Pinarello) that will earn me points on this new scale …

Still loving the game, 
As ever, 


Not getting any points seems to be a bit, erm… what is the word I am looking for … ah, pointless!

However, being ill for a week and off the bike was even more pointless, less hope there will  be a fix soon.

I guess lots of people are going to demand a discount.

Rider score is fixed … at least for me … back to 113,xxx and part way up my own personal Mount Everest ! Still, it was fun trying to break a code with jersey-bike-wheel combos … 

Thank you developers !